Shipping Charges

Estimated Shipping Charges (in Pakistani Rupee (PKR))
*May have small + variation.

1. LOCAL (Within Karachi)
FREE COD within Karachi and delivery same day generally within 3-10 hours.
Note: *May take a day or longer should there be a delay in dress availability which would be notified to customer prior to any commitments on delivery time.


2. NATIONAL (Pakistan-wide)
Destination Charges Delivery Time
All Major Cities/Adjacent Suburbs Rs.200 per dress Within 24-48 hours in working days
All Distant Suburb/towns Rs.200 per dress Within 24-72 hours in working days

Note: *One Dress is generally 01KG and we charge just Rs.200 however, excessive weight may incur additional charges which will be notified to customers prior to shipment.

3. INTERNATIONAL (Worldwide)

Delivery Time
– 02 Working Days for U.A.E (Generally next day)
– 03 Working Days for United Kingdom (UK)
– Rest all International destinations 3-5 working days
Note-1: *There are special discounted rates for shipments having weight Equal or Over 25kgNote-2: We don’t put profit on delivery charges and we are quite open to send shipments through customer’s own courier/cargo company/agents that they advise us.
Destination 1st KG Each Additional KG
AUSTRALIA Rs.2800 Rs.750
AUSTRIA Rs.2800 Rs.700
BAHRAIN Rs.2300 Rs.600
BANGLADESH Rs.2500 Rs.650
BELGIUM Rs.2800 Rs.650
BRAZIL Rs.3300 Rs.700
CANADA Rs.2800 Rs.850
CHINA Rs.2800 Rs.700
CZECH REP Rs.2800 Rs.700
DENMARK Rs.2800 Rs.700
FINLAND Rs.2800 Rs.700
FRANCE Rs.2800 Rs.650
GERMANY Rs.2800 Rs.650
GREECE Rs.2400 Rs.600
HONG KONG Rs.2800 Rs.550
HUNGARY Rs.2800 Rs.650
INDIA Rs.2800 Rs.850
INDONESIA Rs.2800 Rs.600
IRAN Rs.2800 Rs.750
IRELAND Rs.2800 Rs.700
ITALY Rs.2800 Rs.650
JAPAN Rs.2800 Rs.800
JORDAN Rs.2800 Rs.700
KOREA SOUTH Rs.2800 Rs.750
KUWAIT Rs.2800 Rs.700
LEBANON Rs.2800 Rs.700
LUXEMBOURG Rs.2800 Rs.500
MALAYSIA Rs.2800 Rs.700
MAURITIUS Rs.3500 Rs.900
NETHERLANDS Rs.2800 Rs.650
NEW ZEALAND Rs.2800 Rs.900
NORWAY Rs.2800 Rs.800
OMAN Rs.2000 Rs.600
PHILIPPINES Rs.2800 Rs.750
POLAND Rs.2800 Rs.700
PORTUGAL Rs.2800 Rs.700
QATAR Rs.2400 Rs.600
SAUDI ARABIA Rs.2600 Rs.700
SINGAPORE Rs.2600 Rs.650
SPAIN Rs.2800 Rs.700
SRI LANKA Rs.2700 Rs.650
SOUTH AFRICA Rs.3000 Rs.1000
SWEDEN Rs.2800 Rs.700
SWITZERLAND Rs.2800 Rs.800
SYRIA Rs.2500 Rs.700
TAIWAN Rs.2800 Rs.700
THAILAND Rs.2800 Rs.700
TUNISIA Rs.2800 Rs.700
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Rs.1600 Rs.450
United Kingdom (UK) Rs.2400 Rs.450
United States of America (USA) Rs.2800 Rs.850
VIETNAM Rs.2800 Rs.700
YEMEN Rs.2400 Rs.700